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How to Make Money with Your Art

How to Make Money with Your Art

Over the years, I’ve managed to make design work a good chunk of my income. If you’re wondering how to become a designer, I will endeavour to teac...
Is it truly possible to “earn while you sleep”? - deloresartcanada

Is it truly possible to “earn while you sleep”?

In the class Easy Print-on-Demand for Artists, I wanted to be sure to tell you why I think it’s something you need to see. I know you have all hear...
Why art journal? - deloresartcanada

Why art journal?

Hi again! I wanted to talk a little about one of my most enjoyable activities: art journalling. I journal for two reasons: one is for the pure joy ...
Pattern Crazy! - deloresartcanada

Pattern Crazy!

I LOVE creating patterns. Nature is probably the biggest inspiration for my pattern designs. My travels have taken me all over Canada and the US i...
Presenting Deloresart Canada, online! - deloresartcanada

Presenting Deloresart Canada, online!

Did I just decide one day to become an artist, or did the process begin when my mom first put that first pencil in my hand at the age of one or two?