Is it truly possible to “earn while you sleep”?

In the class Easy Print-on-Demand for Artists, I wanted to be sure to tell you why I think it’s something you need to see. I know you have all heard of “Passive Income”, the concept being “earn while you sleep”...

… that makes it sound so effortless, right? Well, for any of you who have started to explore this, we know that is far from the truth! POD sites can be confusing, and working between Photoshop and the POD site interface can be super cumbersome and a downright time sucker. Naturally, to make it a success of it, you will have to put plenty of effort in, especially at the beginning!  It may seem like a daunting task, and the income won’t happen overnight, but I have a way to make it easier than ever! In this class, we will be using the new Adobe Extension, Design to Print, right from WITHIN PHOTOSHOP!

In this class I will show you how you, as an artist, can add a new revenue stream from Print on Demand in the most intuitive way possible.  I will share my personal experience, discuss the advantages and disadvantages and go into detail about preparing your art. We will be taking raw, watercolor painted motifs, eliminating the background, adjusting exposure levels and isolating and re-arranging the elements into a usable shower curtain, therefore extra-large, layout. The beauty of creating the largest layout file is that it can be adapted infinitely for all the other shapes, proportions and sizes of POD products.

Please join me today, or at your next possible opportunity. You will not regret this 1 hour expenditure of your time! See you there!

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