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It is difficult to look back and try to pinpoint when you made a decision to do something significant. Did the idea just pop into your head or was it a slow evolution, weaving its "what if" tentacles this way and that through the maze of decision making that goes on in your mind. Did I just decide one day to become an artist, or did the process begin when my mom first put that first pencil in my hand at an early age?

I honestly do not remember the first picture I drew, but it seems that I cannot

ever remember a time I wasn't making art. Here's a little snippet from the baby book in which my mom so lovingly kept track of the milestones in my life - my first attempt at drawing a complete person along with my first attempt at mending!

It's been a long and winding road, though, and I "did my time" in the working world, being a high school art and graphic design teacher for 30 years. I raised a family and had to hustle to keep it afloat during tumultuous times. My three daughters are testament to the fact that I did it, and that I managed two careers simultaneously - teaching and a full time art business.

I have many fond memories of road trips to craft markets with all three packed into the van. Hours spent in my studio were often spent with one of my girls quietly keeping occupied at a workspace in the studio near me.

DeloresArt evolved out of a few attempts with other businesses, with and without partners here and there, and it has grown to an enterprise now requiring more than just myself to operate. This new site is yet another iteration of my journey, and I am so privileged to be able to share it with all of you. Please visit back whenever you can and take a peek into my world. I want to share it with you!


  • Enjoyed meeting you and Terry at the lake this summer. Thinking seriously about getting one of the totes!! So many patterns to choose from……..

    Beth Allison
  • I’m so very proud of YOU! You are amazing! I love your work! Thanks for sharing.

    Susan Burgess

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