Volume 095 - Underwater Seaworld Stamp and Watercolour Brushes

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A sweet assorted collection of original 30 hand-drawn coral, fish, shells, and more created for ease of use within Procreate to create original designs and patterns for a range of creative design purposes. This collection features an impressive collection of 80 brushes to create unique compositions. Use these graphics for wall art, illustration, pattern design, blog and web design, wedding invitations, custom scrapbook paper, and for any other digital or paper design project. In the set you will also find things like authentic watercolour background paper textures for an overall water-colour look.

Easily change the size of the stamp brushes and use clipping masks to achieve the watercolour look with the brushes provided. The 50 natural media brushes are continuous brushes (not stamps). Just check out all of these screenshots! In the set you will also find things like paper textures for an overall water-colour paper texture. Wow!

If you were in my classes on Skillshare or DeloresArt School of Art classes in Procreate, you will have seen me use these brushes! The Underwater Sea World Watercolour Set is $14, but I have also decided to included 7 other sampler sets in this bundle. See the last slide in the screenshots to see the sets I have included. This gives you an additional 80 brushes!

The watercolour brushes are my absolute favorites and best and I use them to to create an authentic watercolour look. There are also 20 bonus texture brushes, as well as a glitter sampler brush set. These are three of many volumes designed by myself, Delores Naskrent. Full sets of the watercolour, texture, and stamp brushes are available here, if you end up liking the samples. Check put my full brush selections: https://creativemarket.com/DeloresNaskrent.

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Combine iPad’s flexibility, Procreate’s easy-to-use app, and these lovingly hand-drawn tree stamps to create striking projects with the tap of your finger or tip of your stylus. Make quick and simple designs with the individual elements or create one-of-a-kind artworks with the watercolour and other textures added. Go to town adding colour, texture, and typography to make the design exclusively yours. Create for your home, business, or your POD shops!