Volume 093 - Mega Massive Mixed Media and Textures Bundle

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Experience the freedom and fun of traditional mixed media art, right on your iPad's virtual canvas! Funky mixed media collage effects and the essence of playing in your art journals was my motivation in creating this set. Be sure to view EVERY preview!

This bundled collection, The DeloresArt Massive Mixed Media Bundle, features 190 + dynamic mixed media brushes and ephemera and floral stamps, allowing you to create casual, collage-style artwork in Procreate. I have included so many bonus items, I have lost count! Because it is a continuously evolving form, mixed media allows for freedom of expression, and this massive set will allow for hours and hours of exploration. With a variety of traditional and non-traditional mediums at your disposal - including stencilling, sponge-painting, varied painting techniques - you'll be sure to discover creative new ways to express your style. Compliment these with the dozens of ephemera stamps to build truly one-of-a-kind, innovative compositions.

As always, the The DeloresArt Mega Massive Mixed Media and texture Bundle brushes and elements are designed to be as realistic as possible so that you can almost forget that you are working with a digital medium. Most are adaptations of elements I created myself in mixed media. I have even included 12 of my finished art-journal backgrounds which you can use as a basis for your art. All stencil brush sources were designed by hand with the same inky brush pen so that they coordinate perfectly, and look gorgeously organic not just in black and white but any color or finish you choose. Add clipping masks to texture and voila, you have instant mixed media!

  • This brush set is ideal for all your artistic projects such as art journaling, POD (print on demand designs), social media, fine-art giclee prints, invitations, and many more commercial and personal uses
  • Really easy to use art: simply choose your stamp and tap the screen to add instant elements! Add a clipping mask to the stamp so you can add paint finishes like sponging and texturing
  • Use your compositions to create a background for artwork or hand lettering, add to your work such as abstract art pieces, and create quick printable designs

Create beautiful POD artworks, energetic sketches, and hi-quality illustrations wherever you and your iPad go.

My Mega Mixed Media Massive Bundle is a collection of brush sets for Procreate that take advantage of every single feature that this amazing app offers, while keeping the tactile, traditional mixed media features in mind. While putting together this package I made sure I would have everything I need to create art efficiently. Be sure you look at ALL the screenshots for a wide range of looks I was able to pull off. And I just barely scratched the surface! I know I will be using these brushes a lot! This bundle features multiple sets of brushes for Procreate, including both stamp brushes and dynamic pressure responsive brushes for a mixed media style. Sketch, scribble, sponge, doodle and add ephemera to your heart’s content with these gratifying and adaptable brushes.

This set includes:

  • Over 300 Dynamic, pressure sensitive Procreate brushes (.brushset files) including lots of full background brushes, dots, lines, scribbles, painted patterns, and flowers in addition to a distinctive set of textural and inky brushes
  • 80 Stencil Stamp brushes (.brushset) for quick and easy, ready-made shapes at the tap of a finger! Use them to add elements to your mixed media pieces or combine with other stamps for a stand-alone abstract
  • 12 Mixed Media Bacground scans from my art journals
  • 70 Asset Stamps and PNG files

This bundle includes 13 other sets including gold and glitter brushes, texture and accent brushes:

  • Bling Deloresart Sampler.brushset
  • Cocoa_&_Cookies_.brushset Deloresart Mixed Media
  • Sampler.brushset Deloresart Sampler_Texture.brushset
  • Deloresart Tree Leaf and Fern Sampler.brushset Deloresart
  • Watercolor Sampler.brushset
  • DeloresArt_Texture_And_Pattern_Brushes.brushset
  • Document with Textures.procreate flag mockup.psd
  • Gouache_Flowers_Sampler.brushset
  • Mixed_Media_Butterfly.brushset
  • Negative_Space_Set.brushset
  • Paper_Texture_and_Layer_Effects_Procreate.procreate
  • Posca_Paint_Marker.brushset
  • Sampler_Texture.brushset

Installing Procreate brushes: https://support.creativemarket.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000851594-Installing-Procreate-Brushes