Volume 085 - Build a Card Procreate Brush and Assets

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This Procreate Build a Card Brush Set includes 30 original brushes made by myself, Delores Naskrent. I have included a variety of brushes that can be used in so many ways to compose a greeting card. Check out all the screenshots to see just some of the things you can do. Creating greeting cards can be a lucrative means of making extra money when you need it, just before the holiday season. 

I also offer a free class called Christmas Joy Greeting Card Design in Procreate. Find it here.

I have included many appropriate Christmas motifs, like berries and holly, pine needles and leaves, and textures for filling out the backgrounds. Some of the brushes are stamps and some paint continuously. I have even included one of my super-cool two color brushes. Set your foreground and background color swatches and see the magic! Duplicate the brush and sub in your won patterns as the “grain” and you can make two-colors brushes of your own.

I have always wanted to create fonts, so I have also added a cute hand lettered font I call Del’s Tall. I hope you like it. Give it a shot! It is nice because it is condensed so it’s great for longer words or phrases. (Note: this free version does not have punctuation).


  • 30 Procreate brushes
  • 5 editable card layouts
  • 3 color palettes for Procreate
  • 6 sampler brush sets with over 60 brushes including glitter and foil
  • 1 Free Font
  • 1 Free Greeting Card Mockup for Procreate

You will not believe how easy it is to produce quick greeting cards. I use these for creating cards which I sell through Zazzle and Cardisle, so I have created the brushes very large and in a high resolution size of 3000 px. 

To make them even more interesting, try using blending modes with your layers. I have added a paper texture that you can place on top of the stack of layers and use a blending mode to give your entire piece an authentic feel. I am a licensed artist selling in many venues both wholesale and retail including Cardisle, Dazzle, iCanvas, Metaverse, Patton, Epic Graffiti, World Art Group, Editions, Studio El, Bentley Publishing and many POD sites. This is how I make my living! Tag me @deloresartcanada on Instagram and Facebook, and @dnaskrent on Twitter. Search these tags to see other great examples of professional and student work. I’d love to see your work using the brushes!

Visit my school at: https://learn.deloresart.ca

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To install the brushes: First, download the brush set zip file to your iPad. Go to the downloads folder and double-click the zip file to de-compress it. Double-click on the brush set and it will automatically open in Procreate. 

License info:

This license is designated as commercial - use in any way except to re-sell.