Volume 008 - Valentine Brush and Elements Set

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A lovely assorted collection of original hand-drawn heart motifs created for ease of use within Illustrator to create original designs and patterns for a range of creative design purposes. Vectors are infinitely resizable. This collection features a collection of 30 editable heart brushes to create unique compositions. Use the graphics you create for wall art, illustration, pattern design, blog and web design, wedding invitations, custom scrapbook paper, and for any other digital or paper design project. Check out these screenshots to see how easily the size and colors can be changed for different design possibilities! Brushes can also be used to create frames, borders, and patterns. I have included a couple of example patterns for you to play with, as well as editable PSD and AI files. Use the hearts as clipping masks too, and fill with ANY background or texture you have, or even photos!

I have also included expanded versions of ready-to-use silhouettes saved as an AI file, with over 200 individual assets in PNG and JPG formats as well.

Note for brushes: all brushes are black and can be recoloured in Illustrator using the stroke color. Includes: -30 brushes in an AI brush file -editable AI files Bonus: watercolour background patterns and both large and small motifs -tileable repeat files

Brush installation instructions: https://creativemarket.com/blog/2014/10/29/how-to-install-use-illustrator-brushes

Complete classes on Skillshare with 2 free months of subscription using link (Fake a Watercolor Part 1 - Illustrator Brushes and Composition and Fake a Watercolor Part 2 - Photoshop Artistry Techniques to Create the Watercolor Look) https://www.skillshare.com/r/profile/Delores-Naskrent/3656902 Please Note: These brushes are for Adobe Illustrator ONLY (NOT for Photoshop)