Volume 064 - Procreate Drawstring Bag and Coffee Cup Mockup for Procreate or Photoshop

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This Procreate enabled mock-up is sure to show off your art in the best possible light. All layers are editable: all you need to do is copy a jpeg of your art and resize and clip it to the items using a clipping mask. It's so easy! The shadows and all the accessories are already there. Add new png elements and props to make it truly original. Enjoy!

To use in Procreate: Download the mockup to your iPad. Next, go into your Procreate gallery. Here you will use the import function to import the art. Use the insert feature under the wrench icon to place the jpeg of your art and resize and position accordingly, directly above the black silhouette of the item. Be sure to designate it as a clipping mask. Color changes can be done using Hue and Saturation adjustments.

To use in Photoshop: To open in Photoshop, download to your computer. Double-click the document and it will open in Photoshop.

License info:

This license is designated as commercial - use in any way except to re-sell.