Volume 062 - Inky Business Procreate Brush Set

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Here is a set of 50 Procreate Inky Business Brushes by Delores Naskrent, created especially for your inking projects. Don’t like the mess of inking? These brushes are a great alternative for those who prefer to work with a digital medium. In this set you'll find several types of ink brushes, such as inkers and fine point markers, washes and accent/shading brushes for your illustrations. The brushes imitate such real instruments such as a sharp nib pen and flat nib pens, variable brush inkers, round, and flat brushes loaded with ink, micron markers, and the bonus sets include spatter and mist brushes to give a tactile energy and fine organic naturalness to your art. This handy collection features 17 ink brushes, 21 specialty ink brushes like pointillist brushes, crosshatchers, dotted ink reminiscent of engraved art, 12 varied wash brushes and inky glaze fills. Each brush was created with an intended use in mind, designed to help you achieve beautiful illustrations from the initial sketches to technical drawings, and even rough and loose styles. This brush set can achieve a wide range of drawing styles. Look at all the sample screenshots to see what I was able to do with them!

What's included: (50 Procreate inking brushes in total, in one .BRUSHSET file) • 17 line ink brushes • 12 varied wash brushes
• 21 specialty brushes

Note: These brushes are compatible with Procreate only I have also included the paper textures document in layers if you’d like to add a texture or all-over pattern. This is one of several volumes designed by myself, Delores Naskrent. I teach full Skillshare Classes on how to use my brushes to produce a variety of different looks. Message me if you want access!

Installing Procreate brushes: