Volume 046 - New Age Gouache Brushes for Procreate

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Introducing Volume 46 New Age Gouache Brushes by DeloresArt, a collection of painterly brushes made specifically for Procreate on the iPad by Delores Naskrent! This set contains over 80 professional realistic gouache brushes designed to help you create uncomplicated gouache art wherever you and your iPad are! I have included everything you need for creating authentic looks, like a paper textures document in layers if you’d like to add a paper texture or all-over pattern (both Procreate and Photoshop versions). This brush set is one of many, many volumes designed by myself, Delores Naskrent, for my own professional use. I even teach full Skillshare Classes on how to use this my brushes to produce a variety of different looks. See a demonstration of brush use and adjustments on Skillshare (2 weeks free on Skillshare with this link - https://skl.sh/3CJvYry)!

This carefully curated collection of my original brushes includes smooth strokes, rough bristles, and textural brushes with different profiles. These are so perfect for both modern and traditional gouache illustrations. I have thought through all the brushes I have included very carefully to be sure to include line-work and detail brushes, so important for additional accents.

Here's all the items you'll get:

  • 40+ gouache brushes including smooth, rough bristle and textured regular gouache brushes and line-work brushes
  • 22 texture brushes, 20 watercolour brushes, 5 bling brushes, and various other brush set samplers including a mixed media sampler brush set
  • paper textures documents
  • glitter and gold overlay full sheets
  • brush printable charts