Volume 030 - Abstract Art Acrylic and Oil Brushes

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Introducing Volume 30 Abstract Art Acrylic and Oil Brushes by DeloresArt, a collection of painterly brushes made specifically for Procreate on the iPad by Delores Naskrent! This set contains over 80 brushes including textures like canvas for creating authentic looks. I have also included a paper textures document in layers if you’d like to add a paper texture or all-over pattern (both Procreate and Photoshop versions). This is one of several volumes designed by myself, Delores Naskrent. I even teach full Skillshare Classes on how to use this fabulous set to produce a variety of different looks. See a demonstration for creating the look in the lessons here (2 weeks free on Skillshare with this link - https://skl.sh/3CJvYry) for the Abstract Art full class with 8 full lessons!

The Abstract Art Acrylic and Oil Brushes includes 40 high resolution custom made brushes with unique brush shapes and textures. It’s great for getting realistic painting results in a variety of styles. They range from extra large wet oil brushes and acrylic brushes to fine detail brushes with many different finishes . Also included are a full selection of palette knives and 10 specialty blenders in smooth to textured and rough styles in both wet and dry finishes. I’ve included the Textures Sampler Brushset of 40 brushes and 10 mixed media brushes for surprising finishes for underpainting.

-Use brushes for adding nice textures or backgrounds to your illustrations

-See the screenshots of various projects I have completed images for details!


-50 Acrylic/Oil Paint Brushes for Procreate

-Printable Charts of all brush strokes

-Over 80 amazing brushes in several sets, all for the bargain of $14

You will not believe how easy it is to produce high quality and large-sized canvases. I use these for creating large POD artworks, so I have created the brushes very large and in a high resolution size of 3000 px. To make them even more interesting, try using blending modes with your layers. I have added a paper texture that you can place on top of the stack of layers and use a blending mode to give your entire piece an authentic feel. I am a licensed artist selling in many venues both wholesale and retail including iCanvas, Metaverse, Patton, Epic Graffiti, World Art Group, Editions, Studio El, Bentley Publishing and many POD sites. This is how I make my living! Tag me @deloresartcanada on Instagram and Facebook, and @dnaskrent on Twitter. Search these tags to see other great examples of professional and student work. I’d love to see your work using the brushes!


Combine iPad’s flexibility, Procreate’s easy-to-use app, and these lovingly hand-drawn brushes to create striking projects with the tap of your finger or tip of your stylus. Make quick and simple paintings and artwork with the individual brush finishes. Go to town adding colour and texture and great blending features to make the art exclusively yours. Create for your home, business, or your POD shops!


Installing Procreate brushes: https://support.creativemarket.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000851594-Installing-Procreate-Brushes