Volume 143 - Spring Mushroom Brush Set + Bonuses for Procreate

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Discover the enchanting world of mushrooms with Volume 143 - the delightful Spring Mushroom Brush Set tailored for Procreate on your iPad! Dive into the 10 intricate mushroom outline brushes, complemented by 20 finishing brushes designed to elevate your creations. As a bonus, explore my personal favorite gouache sampler set featuring five distinct picks!

If you are interested, don't miss out on the immersive 1 hour instructional class that accompanies this set. Take a peek at the screenshots to catch a glimpse of the magic we'll be creating together.

Visit my "Learn with Me" link above to access a treasure trove of exclusive Procreate classes not found anywhere else. I use a project based approach to teach you all the creativity I can muster by seamlessly blending the iPad's versatility, Procreate's user-friendly interface, and meticulously crafted brushes. 
Whether you opt for quick designs or dive into elaborate artworks with watercolor textures, let your imagination run wild.

See all the screenshot attached!

Combine iPad’s flexibility, Procreate’s easy-to-use app, and these lovingly hand-drawn mushroom stamps to create striking projects with the tap of your finger or tip of your stylus. Make quick and simple designs with the individual elements or create one-of-a-kind artworks with the watercolour and other textures added. Go to town adding colour, texture, and typography to make the design exclusively yours. Create for your home, business, or your POD shops!

Installing Procreate brushes:



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