Volume 116 - Mixed Bag Floral Brushes

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Introducing Volume 116 - Mixed Bag Floral Brushes — an exquisite assortment of floral and greenery stamps crafted exclusively for Procreate on the iPad! Immerse yourself in a world of artistic exploration with our included bonus sampler sets too, giving you a taste of our other brushes. Ready to unleash your creativity? Let me guide you through the magical realm of Procreate!

Check out the "Learn with Me" section of our virtual school (link above), where you'll discover a treasure trove of Procreate classes that can't be found anywhere else. Prepare to embark on a captivating journey, mastering techniques that will elevate your digital artwork to mesmerizing heights.

Within Volume 116 - Mixed Bag Floral Brushes, lies the key to unlocking infinite possibilities. For the ultimate artistic experience, combine these brushes on separate layers. Apply alpha lock or clipping masks, for infusing your flowers and greenery with captivating textures. Prepare to craft extraordinary illustrations, whether for personal enjoyment, stunning POD items, captivating print materials, or profitable endeavors. Remember, no two artworks will ever be alike.

A little secret—I've designed these brushes with a grand vision in mind. Picture creating exquisite POD masterpieces on a larger canvas by utilizing the high-resolution size of 3000 px.

Now, let's unlock the extraordinary potential of the iPad, combined with Procreate's intuitive interface. With a single tap of your finger or stroke of your stylus, the Mixed Bag Floral Brushes will bring your creativity to new heights. Craft quick and simple designs using individual elements or let your imagination soar as you combine stamps and textures to create awe-inspiring, one-of-a-kind artworks. Infuse your designs with vibrant colors, rich textures, and captivating typography, transforming them into exclusive masterpieces. Whether it's for your hobby, your business, or your POD shops, the possibilities are truly endless.

Install your new Procreate brushes seamlessly with our step-by-step guide by visiting this link.