Volume 112 - Snowflake Stamp and Scatter Brush Kit

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Introducing the luxurious Snowflake Stamp and Scatter Brush Kit, an exquisite collection of snowflake brushes meticulously crafted for Procreate on the iPad by Delores Naskrent. Immerse yourself in the wonder of over 60 enchanting snowflake stamps and brushes, along with a huge array of bonus assets. Elevate your artwork with our premium collection, accentuated by an assortment of magnificent metallic and glitter overlays, effortlessly applicable as clipping masks. Check out the artworks I produced with these brushes and the dazzling brilliance of glitter accents. The Snowflake Stamp and Scatter Brush Kit is part of this extensive library of brush and asset packs at DeloresArt. I have over 100 volumes—each meticulously designed by myself. 

Unlock boundless artistic possibilities with a dedicated class titled Creating Snowflakes Using Procreate and Amaziograph where we will create snowflake brushes and a repeat pattern. Immerse yourself in the culmination of my artistic journey, as I reveal how I incorporate these snowflakes into my licensing creations. I have attached a few here in the slides showcasing various products created with these brushes (make sure you look at all the screenshots).

You will also get an exclusive original mockup of a greeting card, fashioned compatible with both Procreate and Photoshop.

If you are interested, enrol in the DeloresArt School of Art and Design by going to the "Learn with Me" section, above.

To fully harness the potential of the Volume 112 Snowflake Stamp and Scatter Brush Kit, I recommend using a combination of brushes on individual layers. By applying alpha lock or a clipping mask, you can add metallic texture to some of the snowflakes, adding distinctiveness to your creations (all necessary assets are included). You will be able to fashion unique illustrations for your personal use, printing materials, print-on-demand items, or even for commercial ventures. (Be sure to buy the correct license). While the brushes serve as guiding stars, each artwork you create will be so original. To help you further I have included my favorite color palettes, tailored specifically for your snowflake compositions, including a metallics palette with rose gold). Experiment with blending modes on your layers too. 

It's worth noting that these brushes are designed for large-scale print-on-demand artworks so they were create at the high resolution size of 3000 px, measuring 10" x 10". 

Harness the boundless possibilities afforded by the iPad's flexibility, the intuitive Procreate app, and the lovingly hand-drawn snowflake brushes. Unleash your artistic prowess with a mere tap of your finger or the delicate touch of your stylus. Explore infinite design possibilities by combining individual elements or curating exclusive artwork using the supplied stamps and textures. Infuse vibrant colors, captivating textures, and captivating typography to create designs that truly reflect your unique vision, be it for your residence, venture, or esteemed POD shops.

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