Full Drop Template for Affinity Designer Pattern Repeats

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Welcome to the Template Club! This club is for surface pattern designers who use Affinity Designer 2 for creating patterns. Each month, a new template will be made available for creating all different types of repeats. 

A quick instructional video will accompany each first template. If you have been using the original method of creating patterns (that I have taught until now), this NEW METHOD will blow you away. WHY? Because there will be NO MORE MATH!!!!

I have now created a year's worth of templates to be delivered once a month! I have created a diamond repeat, full drop, half drop, half brick, full drop with single reflection, full drop with double reflection, scallop with reflection, ogee and ogee with reflection, and so many more repeats with reflections in one manner or another. Look at all the images attached to see the variety of pattern types I have used the templates for.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it now is to produce patterns in Affinity Designer, even if you are just learning the program. These templates make it much easier!

I have found that it doubles my output. Doubles it!

I take the labour of producing these templates right out of your hands. You can just open the template document and start designing right away. You see all the repeats surrounding the single repeat you are working on. No more duplicating assets and moving them to the opposite side of your design area. THESE TEMPLATES DO THAT FOR YOU! 

You can purchase each template for the low cost of $24.99 or you can subscribe to the school for the same price monthly and get the templates FREE each month. New classes outlining my processes are uploaded each month. It's up to you!