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Hey there. I’m Delores Naskrent, a Canadian artist, illustrator, and surface pattern designer based in Brandon, MB, Canada. I am also an online educator on Skillshare, eager to teach fellow creatives how I make all kinds of artwork that I license worldwide. I taught teenagers for 30 years and learned so much during those years, teaching graphic design, fine art and theatrical design. (Secretly, I am so excited to be teaching adults now!). Throughout the years I was teaching, I also carved out life as a creative entrepreneur, and I have tons of advice and projects for you! The bottom line? I love to experiment and mix both natural and digital mediums to create everything from very commercial work to very non-commercial fine art abstract paintings (and yes, I do sell these, so I guess they are commercial after all). I am here to share that knowledge with all of you!

I have also created a resources area here. I have a combination of assets for sale and a few free items there to jump start your projects. Many of these I have created in conjunction with the courses I teach. I plan on many additions in the future, so make sure you visit often.

If you are looking to license my work, you're an art director, or have an idea for a project we can do together, feel free to get in touch! Check out a selection of my work in my portfolio here. My artwork is available to license and I would love to work with you!


I loved this class! Delores is a great teacher! This was my favorite class on pattern design so far here in Skillshare!

- Jenni

Design a Square Silk Scarf Using Reflection andTransformation

Veryelaborate class, a lot of things to learn, Illustrator is a never-endingdiscover!! Thank you Delores!

- Jhon Cartlin

Enhanced Stylized Line Art for Pattern Design in Adobe Illustrator Using Offset Filter

I have become addicted on Delores's courses; they are such a great resource of useful hints and techniques, very useful and inspi...

Pattern Design with the Photoshop Extension Adobe Textile Designer

Great step by step demo. Clear instruction. Thank You!

Basil & Sage