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Interested in turning your existing art business into a full-time career? You're in luck! Everything Stacie is teaching in The Artist's Side Hustle is scalable. Whether you have 5 or 40 hours a week to dedicate to your business, the techniques and tips you'll learn in this class will help you.

This is the course with the following great features:

  • All re-recorded lessons
  • Entirely new comprehensive FREE workbook
  • A licensing contract template prepared by an IP attorney, Jason Aquilino
  • A Licensing Rate calculator

New features added for the April 2024 version :

  • Additional section in Module 5, "Art for Product"
  • Weekly mindset calls with Phia (Community Coordinator)
  • 3 months free of Creative Powerhouse Society membership if you also sign up for Leverage Your Art
  • The Student Journey Box a.k.a. "Creative Business Toolkit" Which includes a hard copy of the workbook AND and entire toolkit of items we created to help students complete their course, worth $200!

All lessons are delivered to your in-box at 10:00 am Central Time. What's there to lose?

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Whether you're brand new or a seasoned artist, there are going to be tips in this course to help take you to the next level. 
You'll learn:
🌟 13 ways anyone can sell their art (without selling their soul)
🌟 A practical roadmap to get you started making money with your art
🌟 The framework to use just 5 hours a week to create income from your art
🌟 How to leverage your art into income opportunities and set your dreams in motion
PLUS there are three live Q&A calls with Stacie. Everything is recorded, so you can watch the lessons and Q&As whenever it's convenient for you.

Don't miss this opportunity and let another year slip by with no progress. This is a great way to jump-start your creative business!