Volume 077 - Brush Set for 3D Lettering Class

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This Procreate enabled mock-up is sure to show off your art beautifully. All you need to do insert the jpeg or png of your art (go to the wrench menu and click on "Add"). Resize and position it above the framed print layer and change it to a clipping mask. You can change the pillow color by using Hue and Saturation.

The enclosed Photoshop version uses smart object. In Photoshop, double click on the smart-object layer. It will open in a separate document. Paste and position your art and simply save it. When you go back to the original document, you will see that it has updated with your art. A convenient adjustment layer has been placed above the pillow for easy color adjustments.

License info:

This license is designated as commercial - use in any way except to re-sell.