Volume 065 - Real Watercolor Paper Texture - 24 x 16"

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This high resolution watercolour paper texture measures 24" x 16". Use it in any software that will accept raster files. I use it mainly in Photoshop to add texture to art that I create and import from iPad programs like Procreate. It can be imported into the Pixel Persona in Affinity Designer as well.

This texture can help mitigate any issues that may have been caused by enlarging a file (the texture helps to disguise any pixelation issues).

To use in Procreate: Download the file and unzip it. From the Procreate gallery import the paper. Now that it is in your gallery you can duplicate it at-will to use in any project. I suggest using the Linear Burn blending mode to apply it to layers beneath it.

To use in Photoshop: To open in Photoshop, download to your computer. Double-click the document and it will open in Photoshop. Use it as the top most layer with the Linear Burn Blending Mode.

License info:

This license is designated as commercial - use in any way except to re-sell.