Volume 115 - Bauble Class Free Resources Set

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This Bauble Class Free Resources Set includes 10 original brushes made by myself, Delores Naskrent, a metallic gold overlay and 5 color swatch palettes for Procreate.

Check out the screenshots for classes coming to the school for Spring 2024. More info here.

Looking for other seasonal art class ideas? The Papercut Winter Scene in Procreate Class which can be found HERE. This is my way of saying thanks to all of you who support me by buying brushes or taking my classes.

More About the Papercut Winter Scene in Procreate class:

Recently, I discovered an enthralling winter-themed paper art piece, for which I've crafted custom brushes of mountains and trees to achieve a 3D graphic effect. This project, while simple, promises to be enjoyable. I'm gifting a few Procreate brushes that will eventually be part of a much larger set.

During the Paper Cut Winter Scene in Procreate class, I delve into illustration and pattern techniques, demonstrating the use of brushes and stamps to craft a unique greeting card that looks like a realistic paper-cut project. I take pleasure in crafting dimension and shadows, and I'm excited to reveal some innovative methods during the class.

To install the brushes: First, download the brush set zip file to your iPad. Go to the downloads folder and double-click the zip file to de-compress it. Double-click on the brush set and it will automatically open in Procreate. You can do the same thing to install any color palette (see the Artist Resources for additional free palettes - you will see the one based on the class project from this class as well as many, many more).

License info:

This license is designated as commercial - use in any way except to re-sell.